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The first album from Ianneia (formerly Jane Meldgaard). 11 empowering songs in soft Nordic pop-jazz style. About the challenges and the possibilities of being a sensitive human on Planet Earth.


All the songs reflect ianneias own proces of self-realization and spiritual evolvement. They connect you to your soul and the most true part of your being, and raise your vibrations while listening.


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Listen and learn more about Empowering Songs by Ianneia here:

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11 Spiritual Songs: Heart Choice


This is the first album with spiritual songs from the Danish spiritual songwriter ianneia. The album has received positive reviews. Flemming Junker wrote in Nordjyske (the local paper for the northern region of Denmark):


“Even though we do not employ stars in the reviews, Heart Choice deserves at least four out of five; not only due to the fact that it is interesting and local, but because it is that good.


In cooperation with skilled, local mainstays, Ianneia has created a beautiful, melodious disc worth listening to. With a good and responsive accompaniment, the delightful compositions and beautiful voice of Ianneia, come entirely into its own.  She sings with a straightforward naturalness and a softened melancholy, which in several instances bring forward connotations to Tracey Thorn from Everything But The Girl, when they were really good.” 


On HEART CHOICE you can listen to songs about:


  • creating your life through the choices you make
  • angels
  • doubt
  • profound love
  • being different from the majority
  • trusting your own ability to fly
  • being enthusiastic about Life
  • and more


– all in soft and harmonic Nordic pop-jazz style. The lyrics all speak to your Soul – the most powerful part of you. When you listen, dance and/or sing along with the songs, you will feel connected to your true essence. You will be empowered and reminded that you are not alone with the challenges of being a sensitive and vulnerable being in the harsh life on planet Earth.



Viggo Steincke, Peter Søvad, Klaus Thrane, Søren Lundbye, Henrik Vardinghus, Kristian Dalgaard, Anette Svendsen, Inge Brink Nielsen, Marie Meldgaard, Klaus Böse Jensen, Michael Friis, Ib Buchholz, Malthe Nielsen, Henning Jensen, Majbrit Jakobsen, Tine Lilholt, Niels Ole Sørensen.


Cover art:

Mogens Larsen Stenderup & Anders Werner Nielsen.


Listen and learn more about Ianneias Spiritual Songs for the Soul:

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